Rifts of the Taies

The Story So Far - Chapter 16

Goblin Armies, Nisus Worshipers, Elves, & Bounties

Acat Under Siege

About a half a mile west of Acat the PCs peak over the nearest hill ridge and see about 200 goblins milling about west of the river’s ravine. The town of Acat on the other side of the ravine looked to be in good shape and the PCs decide to send another note to the Imperial Magistrate that they are there and that they are willing to help.

What concerns the PCs is that the goblin prisoner told them that the entire clan had come here which should number somewhere closer to 600 goblins, meaning that 2/3s of the goblins were unaccounted for. The PCs feared that the Dwarves were walking into a trap in the tunnels beneath town.

Tinorian is able to spot a tower on the northeast side of town with several bowmen perched on top of it which means that the towns folk are trying to fight off the Goblins. But the bowmen are facing north which could account for part of the goblin forces attacking the town from the north.

The Eye Arbiter returns fairly quickly with word from the Magistrate that he could use them in town if they can get there. The PCs turn to circle around the Goblins on the south side, however not before seeing that the Goblins were building what appeared to be three catapults on the west side of the river to use to attack the town.

The Magistrate and the Seeker

The PCs head far south of the goblins and are able to cross the ravine and the river several miles south of town before they then turn north and find absolutely no resistance heading north along the road into the south side of town. The Goblins were intentionally leaving an escape route to the citizens.

As the PCs move into the heart of the town they find that the Imperial Magistrate has with him about 20 Imperial Guardsmen, four of whom are Knights of the Taies. The towns own militia number only about ten anymore and the PCs note that there is also a Seeker in town.

Tinorian and Cifli decide to stay outside to speak with the Seeker, while the rest of them head into the town hall to speak with the Imperial Magistrate.

The Magistrate informs them that when he arrived he learned that there was a fairly notable and growing cult to Nisus and the Seekers here in Acat, which was highly unexpected given the normal outlook of the Highlands. He was delayed here conducting investigations and learned that it is believed that one of the many missing scrolls of Nisus was found here. It is his belief that they goblins have come for it.

He offers the PCs 5,000 gold each for recovery of the Scroll of Nisus and presentation to him. He also said that his scouts have seen that this Goblin clan is run by a Troll and he would pay them the same for the head of the Troll.

The PCs decide that they need to try to claim these bounties and head outside to speak with the rest of the members.

Tinorian and Cifli speak to the Seeker Tharsaverus who also explains that he believes there is a Scroll of Nisus in town. He offers the PCs 1,000 platinum pieces to recover the Scroll and give it to him. He explains that he and his order of Seekers are being blamed by the Magistrate for the problems in this town and so he will not help them until the Magistrate is willing to admit that he and his people are not at fault for all of this.

The PCs reconvene and discuss who they should trust and decide that the money is what talks and that if they recover the Scroll they will give it to the Magistrate instead of the Seeker. To that end they decide to investigate where to find the Scroll.

The Elves of the Ralu Wood

Cifli, Mace, Ironheart, Tixe, and Zorla Yeg head off to find an inn on the south side of town that they can turn into their base of operations while they are here and to hopefully find some information about this Scroll or Cult. Tinorian, Evayne, and Zykir head off to the tower with the bowmen they spotted from a distance.

The tower turns out to be an Elven tower built on the eastern road that heads from Acat into the Ralu Wood. The PCs find a dozen or so Elven rangers set up there to defend more the road into the Ralu than they are the town. They learn that their is also a druid of the Ralu wood that is helping to fight against the goblins.

When asked about the Scroll the Elves direct them to a ranch north of town owned by a man named Baelen Tarriks who they believe might be associated with the Scroll or at least with the cult. It was near his property that they spotted the Troll about a day prior.

Back at the inn on the south side of town Cifli tries hard to interact with the people of this world an only comes off as extremely awkward and forward. However they are also able to learn of the ranches to the north of town and the cultist presence up there.

The PCs all reconvene at the inn on the south side and decide that with it being late in the afternoon that it is too late to head out to the northern ranches as they don’t want to be caught out in the open at dark. They decide to take up a defensive position in the Inn and wait to see if the night passes uneventfully.



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