Rifts of the Taies

The Story So Far - Chapter 18

Betrayal of the Seekers, Knight of the Taies, Huuk

Troll Corpse and the Seeker

Evayne and Mace dragged the Troll’s body while Ironheart carried its head toward The Dancing Warlock Inn that they were utilizing as their base of operations. Tixe however questioned why they were bringing the entire Troll body, and Ironheart announced that it was because they still needed to loot the corpse. Zykir also stated that they needed to properly dispose of Troll’s body or it would regenerate.

As they dragged the body back down the street the PCs could see fire light to the west of them across the gorge with the river. With further investigations they could see that there were streams of fire moving toward the catapults that the goblins built there. These streams seemed to be moving and walking on their own which suggested fire elementals.

Just as the PCs returned to the Inn they saw the catapults launch and bundles of fire elementals from the west side of the gorge began to land in the center of town. From there they could also see that many of the civilians had finally decided to give up the fight and were heading south in the dark toward the unguarded exit from the town.

As they move into the now deserted Inn the PCs can see that the fire and what appears to be Magma elementals are moving into a single large bonfire in the middle of town that casts enough light on other parts of town for them to see that many of the other goblin patrols have captured civilians and are bringing them toward the fire.

The Seeker Tharsaveris appears then in the corner of the Inn, in a translucent form and thanks the PCs for the distraction that they caused in town which was sufficient to allow him to claim the Scroll of Nisus. He announces though that he will need the corpse of Chokol to complete what he came here for. The PCs ready themselves to defend the corpse but with a simple spell the Seeker had ready and collection of failed will saves only Cifli is able to resist the trance and sleep that the Seeker puts on them.

The Seeker Tharsaveris then takes the Troll corpse, levitates it and starts to push it out of the Inn toward the center of town. Cifli attempts a couple of spells to stop him but they are unable to overcome the Seeker’s defenses.

So Cifli and the Seeker begin to chat. The Seeker agrees to give them the loot from the Troll if that will make the PCs just go away for now. Cifli strips the Troll and starts to take the goods back to the Inn when the rest of the PCs finally awaken. The Seeker explained that soon the entire goblin clan would belong to him.

The Knight of the Taies

As the PCs awaken they rush from the Inn and start to pursue the Seeker who is nearly downtown. As they move closer they see a corner of the Town Hall explode and one of the Imperial Magistrate’s Knights of the Taies rushes through the new hole to run south toward them.

The Knight, quickly introducing himself as Kevlamin explains that the rest of the Imperial Guardsmen and the Magistrate are all dead and he is now honor bound to flee and seek assistance from the guardsmen, etc in the Highlands. He explains that it would be suicide for the PCs to try to fight the Goblins and the Seeker now and that they should come with him.

The PCs eventually agree to go with Kevlamin and move south out of town where they are able to group up over the evening with nearly a hundred and fifty other citizens who also chose to flee from Acat.


It is about a ten hour hike south along the ravine to reach the town of Huuk which sits on the west side of the river and has its own bridge crossing the ravine.

On the way to Huuk, Ironheart, finally beginning to recover from his battle with Chokol, begins telling and retelling the story of his duel and many of the citizens of Acat saw the battle and believe that Ironheart is one of the legendary Dwarven heroes.

Kevlamin explains as they travel south that he is going to head for the Fortress City of Gurume to seek the assistance of the Dragoon in outing the Goblins from Acat and that he will only stay in Huuk for a short time. The PCs begin discussing what actions they should take.

Huuk is a larger town and has substantially more militia and better defenses set up and is ready to fight against the goblins if they were to push south. The PCs decide to hang out in Huuk for a day and a half to rest up and think about what they want to do.

Eventually they decide to finish the tasks given to them by Tenzikil. The next morning the PCs decide to head north up the west side of the river past Acat to see the condition of the city and then to make their way toward the Giants.

The Egg

When the PCs reach Acat they see the city still swarming with Goblinoid creatures, but they also see that the center of town has a large stone lava formation that seems to make out a magic circle.

In the middle of the large lava flow circle is a Giant sized fleshy egg that the goblins seem to be protecting. The PCs agree that Chokol is likely within the Egg probably evolving again into whatever form comes to the Goblinoids after Troll.

The PCs turn west from Acat and start heading back the three days toward the valley of tribute where they expect to find the Giants.



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