Rifts of the Taies

The Story So Far - Chapter 20

Deputies of Tenzikil’s Triple E, Across the Highlands, The Satyr’s Draft


The PCs left from the valley of the Giants and traveled three days in a direct route toward Huuk. They crossed the wilderness to avoid coming close to Acat in the fear that the Goblins might be on the move already and they didn’t want to encouter the horde on the move.

Three and a half days later when the PCs reached Huuk they saw that the city was swarming with people, soldiers from all over the Highlands as well as the entirety of Tenzikil’s Triple E. Tenzikil was now in Huuk himself to take command of the offensive moves against the goblins of Acat.

Tenzikil makes time for the PCs and meets with them privately where he receives their reports on the tasks he previously gave them. Tenzikil rewards the PCs with 2,500 platnium coins in a small chest with an amazing (DC45) lock on it. He also deputizes the PCs, giving them official silver Triple E badges.

Tenzikil also offers for the PCs to pick up a handful of tasks that are more befitting their new rank within the organization. Of the tasks offered the PCs opt to take on a couple of them, stating that most of the jobs are more diplomatic than this group tends to be.

1: The PCs agree that with the brewing war between Mulkaeran and Druledk they will approach both sides of the conflict and try to represent Tenzikil’s Triple E as an ally to both sides of the war.

2: The PCs agree to investigate the Labyrinth in Druledk and try to discover what powers the Labyrinth uses to hold Magi as well as what the government of Druledk intends to do with such a fortress.

3: The PCs also agree to take a shipment of reports from Tenzikil back to the Hall of the Dragons near Daedlina where Tenzikil has set up his Mulkaeran Museum.

With the goblins now the focus of Tenzikil he urges the PCs to move on saying that their efforts are duplicative of what Tenzikil and his forces are able to do. The PCs agree and decide to head for Korumak in the lowlands of Mulkaeran where they believe one of the body parts of Norkeris resides.

From Highlands to Lowlands

The PCs head south from Huuk to Veik to pick up the deposits they left there before they left for Camp Draedus months ago. Mace stays in the Three Slipper’s Inn and tries to uncover the secret of the third slipper but is un able to clarify what it means.

From Veik the PCs head south to the Highlands Inn, on their way they see the Dragoon Tristeris of the Fortress City of Gurame flying on his dragon the Serpent Zara’Kulthras. Rumor among those on the road is that he is heading north to Huuk and Acat to help fight off the Goblins.

Upon reaching the Highlands Inn, the PCs learn that brewing war with Druledk to the east is no longer brewing and instead is now a full-fledged war. The Supplies bound for the Highlands to help them get through the winter have been rerouted to the war front and the Highlands are now sending as many troops as they can east to help with the war effort.

The PCs follow along with the soldiers as they head east. Though a blizzard around the town of Paed slows down most of the soldiers, the PCs choose to ignore the blizzard and push through the snow into the town of Paed and the Cliff Road that leads down to the lowlands.

The PCs follow the road to the lowlands and learn in Caelx that Castle Shouk is operating as a training facility for untrained highlanders before they leap into the war to the east untrained in military actions and maneuvers.

The PCs don’t linger in Caelx but instead turn north to take the road past the Wizard’s Coppice toward Korumak.

The Satyr and the Dwarf

The PCs learn in Water’s Light that the Wizard’s Coppice is a living forest where the trees have awoken to sentience. They are warned to leave at first light and push hard to reach Deepwarren before dark or they might never see daylight again. They rest up in Water’s Light and head out first thing in the morning.

Cifli fascinated by the awoken wood pokes at it a bit as they travel much to Tixe’s upset, though nothing dangerous happens, but Tixe does catch several of the trees watching them. Also as they near Deepwarren, Tixe, Zykir, and Evayne all hear the sound of revelry within the wood, but Tixe knows that it is a trick of the Fey and pushes the group harder to reach Deepwarren more quickly.

Once in Deepwarren they choose to set up a camp on the north side of town away from the treeline and to maintain watches throughout the night. Before bed, Tixe ventures over to the trees however and engages one of the larger Oaks in a discussion about the woods.

In the early morning about an hour or so before sunrise a heavily intoxicated Satyr makes its way into their camp and begins speaking with Tixe who is awake at this point. She wakes up Ironheart who also starts talking with the Satyr. Before she knows what is happening the Satyr and Ironheart are sharing some of the Satyr’s special brew and the Dwarf is quickly becomes enthralled to the substance and tries to convince the PCs to join the Satyr for his celebration later that day in the wood.

The PCs forcibly pull Ironheart away from the mess he’s gotten himself into and they push that morning for the city of Korumak. Tixe is able to get the gourd of Satyr brew from Ironheart and she gets rid of it.

A days travel on the road brings the PCs to the city of Korumak, known by locals as The Undercity.



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