Rifts of the Taies

The Story So Far - Chapter 21

Arrival at Korumak, Jimmi and the Rift, The Dwarves, Scrying


The PCs arrive in the city of Korumak, which initially looks like one of the smallest towns they have ever visited. On the surface there are three inns, an Imperial Guard Barracks, a few homes, and a large Tavern. The PCs decide to rent a Cabin at Korumak’s Cabins so as to have a structure all to themselves.

Immediately upon arrival the PCs decide to send both of the Eye Arbiters off into the depths of the city to search for the body part of Norkeris.

It is evening when the arrive but they decide to take a couple of hours to scout out the city. Evayne and Cifli stay on the surface and head for the Last Stop Markets to get price quotes for the various items they’ve collected and need to sell. While they are on the surface they see a change in the people as the day turns to night. The Humans and Elves thin out and eventually mostly disappear to be replaced by Dark Elves and other underground dwelling creatures.

Meanwhile Tixe, Ironheart, and Tinorian take the Main Lift of Korumak down into the caverns below where the bulk of the city is suppose to be. Leaving Zorla Yeg, Mace, and Zykir to rest up at the Cabins.

Tixe, Ironheart, and Tinorian explore the upper levels of the caverns and learn the general layout from one of the guards there, though Ironheart also ends up finding the Earthborne caverns and community and settles in with his kin for a long night of drinking.

Jimmi and the Rift

Tixe and Tinorian continue to explore the upper levels of the city and make their way to the Rift. North of the Rift in the Strip and the “Freeloaders” they find expansive markets and dozens of locals and temporary housing.

Tixe also spots the boy Jimmi from Camp Draedus and has a little fun tormenting the poor kid.

They spend the rest of the night exploring all five tiers of the Rift and the variety of shops, taverns, inns, and specialty services. In the Traveler’s district they are able to pick up a simple map of the city.

On one of the lower tiers Tixe also finds her way into a shop called the All Seeing Eye that seems to focus on divinations, which gives Tixe an idea. However while she is still there she also finds a token or badge that she finds out is to allow access to the All Seeing Eye which she finds to be strange as she is already there.

Seeing is Believing

Upon returning back to the Cabin in the early morning hours of the next day the group finds the doors locked appropriately, Zykir, Mace, and Zorla still asleep and their Clockwork Mender missing. They also note that the Eye Arbiters, which were suppose to return at dawn haven’t returned yet either.

Before getting some rest to be up most of the next night, Tixe decides to try her hand at scrying on what they are looking for. She start with the body part of Norkeris, since they are familiar with him and have a lense from his eye that she can use as a focus she drops into the scrying trance and is able to see what appears to be a forearm of the giant construct deep in a tunnel somewhere.

Through her scrying she casts Detect Magic and is able to identify that the arm is protected by a circle against Evil, Chaos, and an Alarm spell. She tells the rest of the group about what she sees and collectively they decide that it makes the most sense that such a location would be deep in the old mines, which Ironheart learned were abandoned by the Dwarves because of all of the interest by outside parties of the strange things being found in those caves.

Next Tixe tries to scry on their missing constructs and is again successful finding their Clockwork Mender chained to a wall in a room with many other restrained constructs, including the Eye Arbiters which are in reinforced bird cages hanging from the ceiling. There is also a window in the room that allows Tixe to see out over a part of the city that she hasn’t see before, but which is unique enough that she is sure she will recognize it again.

Most of the PCs are tired having been awake now for over 24 hours to include their journey to Korumak, so they decide to deal with what they can later in the evening and night, after they’ve had a chance to rest up.



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