Rifts of the Taies

The Story So Far - Chapter 22

Korumak Day 2, Riots, Missing People, Magitech Thieves

Lady Thaine of the Light

While most of the PCs sleep, Zykir and Mace head down into the lower levels of Korumak to explore during the day. They learn quickly that the Council of Korumak has closed down the general mines beginning this morning and that this is causing a lot of anger and frustration among the prospectors who have claims in the mines.

They head down to the mine level itself to see a large and angry mob that is preventing the lift from going any further down. They also see that the mine shafts are sealed by large constructs that are blocking the mine entrances so that none can get in.

As Zykir and Mace head back up to the surface they hear an explosion behind them that indicates that the hinted at Riot is now in full force. They return to the cabin to get the rest of the party, that isn’t fully rested up yet, but is generally ready to go. Cifli, Tinorian and Zorla Yeg stay behind at the cabin to guard their stuff from any other thieves.

Evayne, Ironheart, Tixe, Zykir, and Mace all head toward the main lift to try and head down into the mess to observe what is happening with the riot now. On their way they stop at the Sky’s Light Inn where several armed and armored Light Elf Guards are preventing the miners from using their restaurant / inn as a hangout while waiting for the mines to open again.

Out in front of the inn is a Stratagos Magus named Lady Thaine who is more than willing to speak with Evayne and Zykir in the Elvin tongue. They learn from Lady Thaine that this riot has been brewing for a while now due to the political situation of the city. Specifically there are substantial advancements in the Magitech technology that cannot be accounted for and are being discovered by private individuals instead of the better funded research organizations.

Lady Thaine is willing to meet with the PCs again later, away from the crowds. With them having a Light Elf in their ranks and representing Tenzikil’s Triple E she states that she believes they would likely be better allies than most that are available to her in Korumak.

The Riot

With the main lift of Korumak busy and cluttered with people still coming up away from the riots down below, the PCs decide to take the ramps down to the Rift section of the town and from there down to the mines level, where they encounter the Shapers from the Dome and the Gladiators for the Rift arena have set up a boundary so that the riot doesn’t spill out into the Rift and the rest of the city.

The riot is in full force by the time the PCs get into the Magitech workshops and the mines. The Shapers wish them luck but don’t stop or prevent them to joining in the mess of the fighting that the riot has become.

Zykir notices as they move into the rioting workshops that a teenage boy or small woman is following them into the riot scene. The PCs all cluttered together in a fairly tight group with weapons drawn is sufficient to keep most of the active fighters away from them. What guards are left in the area have backed themselves into corners with weapons drawn and as long as they stay out of the way of the rioters there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

The PCs work their way through the Magitech workshops over to the entry to the mines where they see a mass of blood and carnage surrounding the guard constructs. In this room the rioters are discussing how the closure of the mines was actually caused by a group known as the Collective and their attempts to control the Council which led to a Council Researcher being murdered in the mines yesterday. The Rioters, clearly being coached by Council friendly individuals, pressure the riot to start shifting its attention against the Collective.

After several minutes of discussion the riot starts to shift off to gather masses, technology, and weapons to march against the Dark Elf holds in the depths of the city.
The PCs start to move out ahead of the masses when they realize that Tixe isn’t with them.

Tixe seeing an opportunity shifted into a cat and moved over toward one of the mine entrances and was able to walk right past the construct guarding it only to encounter what she identified as a Wall of Force.

The PCs returned to the mine entrance to see that only a few people stayed behind. There was a group of Stratagos Wizards discussing in low tones if the riot would assist their efforts or not, a strangely dressed mage with an odd staff or wand who had spotted Tixe and was watching her, and the small woman / young boy with a larger male companion.

It doesn’t take long for the PCs to locate Tixe as a cat behind one of the constructs and they wait for the wizards to wander off leaving only the one strange wizard who saw Tixe and the two rogues that by now the PCs believe are following them. Zykir and Mace wander over to speak with the rogues while Evayne and Ironheart try to convince Tixe to come back and speak with them.

Set Ups and Spies

Tixe returns to the group and after failing to communicate with them as a cat, she shifts back to gnome form in front of everyone and explains that there is a wall back there that they can’t get through. Evayne, believing that the reason the constructs didn’t attack was because of brand from Norkeris, she cautiously shows her brand to the construct that Tixe walked past and starts trying to speak with the construct.

Much to the surprise of everyone in the room the construct responds to Evayne and explains in a low hum of a voice that only those with the brand from Norkeris can hear, that the constructs here were assigned to this post by the Council and told to kill the first five that tried to get past them and then only dark skinned elves that tried to pass after that. The Construct confirms that this entire riot was a set up by the Council.

This one sided conversation draws the attention of the strangely dressed mage and the rogues and the mage identifies herself as Laesith Lurin and starts to answer several of the questions that Evayne and Tixe pose to the construct though when the questions get more in depth she refuses to speak in front of the Collective’s spies, which she indicates are the two rogues.

Zykir and Mace learn that the rogues, the small one being a woman named Dabby and the large man named Norick. They claim to be free agents who were just here coincidentally, though no one really believes them.

The PCs decide to head out and investigate everything further without the presence of others, though they quietly indicate that they would like to speak with Laesith Lurin in more detail about the influx of Magitech into Korumak which she seems to have some of. On her way out she slips something into Evayne’s pocket that no one else really sees, and the PCs head out away from the mines and the now organizing rioters.

Missing Friends and Secret Mice

Once out of the riot scene, the PCs split up with Tixe and Evayne heading deeper to seek the Council and try to petition to get a special pass into the mines for the PCs. Meanwhile, Zykir, Mace, and Ironheart return to the surface to gather the rest of their allies.

When they reach the cabin they see that their cabin has been broken into and Zorla, Tinorian, and Cifli are all missing along with Zorla’s stuff, though all of their mundane equipment is still there untouched in the cabin.

Mace heads off to the Last Stop tavern to try to get information about what could have happened and sees Cifli, dead drunk, in the corner causing a bit of a scene. Zykir identifies the residue of magic in their cabin but cannot specifically identify what kind of spell was used.

With Cifli in tow, Mace and Ironheart try to sober him up to find out what happened tonight, but all they are able to learn is that Cifli wasn’t at the cabin whenever what happened happened. Instead they collect Cifli and decide to head down toward the dwarves to find information that hopefully won’t be as untrust worthy as everything else they have learned so far.

Meanwhile Tixe and Evayne finally make it to the Midtown of Korumak and are able to locate the city Council Chambers and the hundreds of other petitioners seeking entrance to the mines again. Recognizing that they have no way to get the Council to hear them above hearing everyone else, the decide to infiltrate the Council chamber and see if they can dig up or forge what they need to get into the mines again.

Tixe shifts into a mouse, casts spider climb on herself, and runs on the edge of the platform of Midtown to infiltrate the city Council Chamber. Inside she see that the Council members have tied up their dark elf member and are discussing an attack from the Pit being fortuitous though not of their design. Tixe learns that the Council is indeed behind the riots and an attempt to wrest control of the city from the Collective and the dark elf nobles. Learning this, Tixe returns to Evayne and they decide to head back to the cabin to find everyone else to plan their next move.

Magitech Thieves

Ironheart, Zykir, Mace, and a very drunk Cifli head to the Dwarven district to inquire about the slavers that operate out of Korumak. The Dwarves are helpful and give them directions to the heart of the slaving operations out of one of the dark elf city districts in the deep city.

On their way through the Dwarven district they once again spot Dabby tailing them, who explains that she is only here to do business. The PCs don’t believe her but by the time they try to challenge her on it, she is gone and lost from sight again within the crowd. They decide to head down toward the slaver district of the Deep City and they take the lift down to the Upper Caverns.

On the Upper Caverns as the group is reunited as Tixe and Evayne head up that way to scout out the last parts of the city they haven’t yet seen for anywhere that looks familiar to Tixe from when she scryed for their constructs. The Upper Caverns looks familiar but finding the right angle will be difficult.

With the whole group together again they start to share information and once again they spot Dabby and Norick walking around behind them and they call out the rogues who approach and state that they live on this level and that they aren’t following the PCs. Again the PCs don’t believe a word they say, but Ironheart decides to put the rogues to work. He offers them 20 platinum if they can help them find their missing constructs.

Dabby agrees to help them and they agree to meet up in 24 hours at the Dwarven Tavern. If the rogues have their stuff and missing people, then Ironheart will pay them 20 plat. With that exchange over the PCs decide to head back to their cabin and wait. They know that the rogues are lying to them, but the plan is that this will give them 24 hours to come up with a plan.

Back at the cabin the PCs settle down to sleep the rest of the night, while keeping a watch as their cabin has been broken into several times already. Before going to sleep, Evayne fishes out what Laesith Lurin put in her pocket and finds a magic coin that speaks to her and says that she should break the coin when they are alone. Evayne breaks the coin and after a few minutes of nothing happening decides to join the others and sleep for a bit.

Ironheart who is keeping the first watch, sees a host of six dragons fly into the middle of town a couple hours after sunrise, one of which looks familiar as Norve Taebin’s Dragon and he wakes up Evayne, to keep watch so that he can head out to speak to the Dragoon.

On the way to the Dragoon, Ironheart notices someone trying to cast a spell on him that fails. However he can’t find anyone who would have been casting on him so he just rushes toward the center of town where the dragons are for protection.

Norve Taebin is busy escorting his master, Lord Maelin, but he sets up a dinner with Ironheart for that evening at the Last Stop Tavern.

Back at the cabin, Evayne also notices someone trying to cast a spell on her, and while she also resists it, she turns to see both Dabby and Norick in their cabin. She yells out raising the alarm and the PCs rush out into the main room of the cabin to see the two rogues. After some short discussion Evayne, feeling that they are being tricked strikes at Dabby and a full-fledged battle begins.

Ironheart glances back toward the cabin while talking with Norve and sees Laesith Lurin gesturing for him to come immediately back, and he arrives just in time to see the battle in the cabin erupt into a full force fight. Laesith meanwhile sees another rogue outside and moves off that way.

Because of the bizarre tactics of Cifli who also turns invisible and keeps the rest of the PCs alive enough to fight, the PCs barely survive the battle against Dabby, Norick, and an invisible man. They are able finally to kill the three of them and Laesith Lurin drags in a dark elf cleric who she claims is the one the thieves worked for.



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