Door of Four Key

This incredibly powerful Key can open the Door of Four and can give the user entry into the world of the Kaz.

The Kaz (who call themselves the Iresk) are a race of humanoid creatures that stand between 6 – 9 feet tall and have a very odd and bony looking skeletal structure, are beings of heavy magical influence. About 2000 years ago they were enslaved to the human kingdoms on southern Bastof. The Kaz fought and won their freedom from the Humans and used their magical talents to do what the Taies did and create their own world.

They built the Door of Four which connected them to a realm that sat directly attached to the four primary elemental plains (Earth, Fire, Water, and Air). They began to use those elements to build their own world that mimiced the real world, but instead of being populated by humans and elves and dwarves, was instead primarily populated by Kaz (Iresk) and the half elemental breeds (aka Sylph).

About 400 years ago, a Key to the Door of Four went missing. If it were properly studied and reverse engineered, it could reveal entry to the Kaz’ world from anywhere. Because of this, the Key is extremely valuable to the Kaz.

Door of Four Key

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