Rifts of the Taies

The Story So Far - Chapter 17

Midnight Attack, The Giant Dwarf, The Dual with Chokol the Troll

Hobgoblins in the Night

The PCs decided to hunker down for the night and seek out the Troll and the Scroll the next day. The Innkeeper was happy to have them present in his Inn: The Dancing Warlock. The PCs are on edge as is everyone in town, there are vastly out numbered and out gunned and Goblinoids usually move and attack at night. As a result many of the PCs decide to stay up and keep watch.

Shortly before midnight Mace hears Goblinoid being spoken outside. The PCs rouse their full number and don their armor and grab their weapons.

Looking outside from the windows and door of The Dancing Warlock they see a dozen or so human sized goblinoids that they realize must be Hobgoblins moving through the back alleys of the town across the main street from where the inn is located.

The PCs don’t hesitate and Ironheart, Mace, and Evayne rush in with Tinorian taking up an archery position near the Inn. However before they get too far Zykir casts enlarge person on Ironheart making him a large sized dwarf that stands about 8 feet tall. Cifli also casts Haste on all of the melee fighters and moves in behind them to support.

It is a slaughter as the PCs surprise the Hobgoblins and in the matter of a few seconds they decimate the patrol with the exception of one of their number which flees north through the alley toward the center of town.

Ironheart, Mace, Evayne, and Cifli (who is now flying up above the streets) follow the fleeing hobgoblin, as Tinorian, Zykir, Tixe, and Zorla Yeg follow along the main street to flank the creature.

They round the corner to come into a small back ally well square to find 10 goblins, 4 hobgoblins, 3 bugbears, and an Ogre.

The PCs engage this new assault group which is slightly more solidified into their position, with the bugbears protecting the Ogre, three of the goblins are casters, and a couple goblins are even on the roof of one of the nearby buildings with short bows.

Ironheart, Evayne, and Mace dive right into the fray while Tinorian and Tixe flank from another alleyway that draws the Ogres attention. Zykir, Chifli, and Zorla Yeg move in to support the rest of them with spells and buffs.

Tixe takes on the form of a giant wolverine to fight off the Ogre with Tinorian turning it into a pin cushion of arrows. Meanwhile the rest of the PCs pound the bugbears hobgoblins and goblins with the exception of one goblin that high tails it further north through town.

After a about a minute the battle is won and Ironheart, re-hasted and still enlarged moves as fast as possible to chase the two goblins that got away.

The Troll – The 3rd Meeting with Chokol

Ironheart rushes ahead of everyone else with his hasted speed and follows the goblin to the town square where he sees the Imperial Magistrate’s guards and Knights of the Taies fighting off two ettins near the town hall.

The Goblin disappears behind a building and a moment later the Troll Chokol emerges with a half a dozen bugbear guards to face the rushing Ironheart. Chokol turns and says something to the Bugbears behind him and they form a half circle around the Troll to protect him, and he pulls out a clearly magically enhanced sword.

Ironheart doesn’t hesitate even a step as he rushes at the Troll axe held at the ready. Chokol steps forward to duel the enlarged Dwarf.


Chokol attacks first striking Ironheart but doing fairly minimal damage. Ironheart then retaliates with a called shot to Chokol’s sword arm where he gets a critical strike and with a total of 60 points of damage severs the Trolls right arm.

Chokol takes a step back and grabs his right arm with his left and re-attaches it. Being the troll that he is the arm immediately reattaches but he doesn’t bother picking up his sword again. Instead Chokol leaps upon Ironheart and starts ripping at him with claws and biting him with his fangs.

Cifli arrives next but stays back several paces. Observing that the Bugbears are only watching Cifli does the same so as not to further provoke the Bugbears. Tinorian is the next of the PCs to arrive in the vicinity though he doesn’t do the same as Cifli and instead fires an arrow at the Troll, which misses.

Cifli calls to Tinorian to stop and not to get involved as it is a duel and any further involvement will bring in the attention of the others around the area. Tinorian and the other arriving PCs agree to let the enlarged, raging, hasted, dwarf battle with the Troll by himself.


Ironheart battles with Chokol until both of them are severely wounded and in the last moments Chokol decides to try to retreat and Ironheart takes the attack of opportunity and kills the Troll. With only 2 hit points of his temporary raging hit points left, Ironheart stumbles over the Troll to protect his kill as the Bugbears begin to rush forward.

Tinorian doesn’t hold back any more and unleashes a volley of arrows that kill the leader of the bugbears as Evayne and Mace rush forward to finish them off.

With the battle still raging in the heart of the town, the PCs grab the body of Chokol and begin to drag it back to the Dancing Warlock.



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