Rifts of the Taies

The Story So Far - Chapter 23

Bodies and Fire, The Sky's Light, Dinner with Dragoons

Dark Elf Noble

The PCs, barely alive after their fight with the Magitech thieves strip their enemies of all belongings that look to be of value and tie up the Dark Elf Priestess in the corner stripped of all of her belongings. Zykir and Tixe quickly look at the belongings and identify what they can before shoving the unclaimed spoils into Zykir’s bag of holding.

Ironheart, Mace, Zykir and Laesith Lurin then turn their attention to the captured Dark Elf, and with their intentions turning sour to extract information, Evyane and Tixe leave the cabin. None of the PCs know what happened to Cifli however after he drank one of Zorla Yeg’s invisibility potions.

Ironheart, Mace, and Zykir pressure the Dark Elf priestess with Laesith Lurin observing about the presence of their friends and constructs. They learn that the priestess is one of the noble Dark Elves from the family that rules Shorkes Vardin the slaver district of the Deep City and that their friends are being kept there. They also learn that the constructs are being held in the Urililth Stalactite in the Upper Caverns.

They also learn that the Dark Elf knew of their brands from Norkeris and has seen them before about eight years ago. She also knows of the arm of Norkeris that is in the city and they learn that Laesith Lurin also knew of the arm and is interested to learn what the PCs are actually after.

With that information being enough and with pressure from Laesith not to leave her alive they kill the Dark Elf and begin discussing how to hide her body so that other dark elves won’t find a murdered noble. They end up burying the body of the Dark Elf beneath the floor of the cabin and after a sizable discussion decide not to burn the cabin down to hid the evidence.

Meanwhile, Evayne and Tixe head over to the main office for Korumak’s Cabins and check out from the Inn making a complaint about the security of the facility. They then head for the Sky’s Light Inn to find better and safer accommodations.

The Sky’s Light Inn

At the Sky’s Light Inn, Evayne and Tixe are able to find excellent accommodations for a steep price, but each room has its own fully plumbed bath. Evayne and Tixe wash up right away to get their and other’s blood off of them before they look into returning to the cabin.

Zykir, Mace, and Laesith Lurin also gather up many of the groups belongings and a couple of the horses and head over to the Sky’s Light Inn as well, missing Evayne and Tixe. Zykir and Mace split a room while Laesith Lurin gets her own. Ironheart heads down into the Dwarven District of the city and is able to acquire a small Dwarven apartment for a fraction of the price the rest of the PCs are paying for the Sky’s Light.

Zykir and Mace head almost immediately to the roof of the Inn where the famous pool is and find Laesith there as well as Lady Thaine, though the latter seems quite busy with some business of her own.

Evayne and Tixe head back to the destroyed cabin to find the party and collect her belongings only to find two Imperial Guardsmen there investigating the three dead bodies that were left in the common room of the Cabin. They explain everything about the battle to the Imperial Guardsmen who do not seem surprised, and indicate that they know the dead, and know that they are scoundrels.

While there, Cifli wakes up to the sounds of their voice, having returned to his bed after the fight to combat his own fatigue and hangover. By the time he actually wakes up though and gets moving the Imperial Guardsmen, Evayne, and Tixe are all gone, leaving him alone in the cabin.

He sees with his now sober mind the destroyed cabin and the three corpses and decides to burn down the cabin. Immediately after doing so he disguises himself with his disguise hex and rushes to the Imperial Guard barracks to inform them that some Halflings (or children as the guards believe) were responsible for the burning of the cabin.

From there he runs off to the Last Stop Tavern to try to find the rest of the party. Shortly later while outside after failing a con to earn some money, he meets up with Zykir and Mace who were heading out to find him now that they knew his potion should have worn off.

All of the PCs end up in rooms to finally rest through most of the day.

The Dinner

That night around six in the evening the PCs gather in the Last Stop Tavern and meet up with Norve Taebin and two of his companion Dragoons for dinner. They discuss what both groups are doing in Korumak, and Norve explains that he is there with his Lord, Lord Maelin who has come to investigate the Magitech influence of the city as well as the monsters of the Pit that he believes are related to The Pit of the north lands.

Through their discussion they agree to help each other, and Norve agrees to take their plea to find and free their companions to his Lord who has some influence and may be able to sizable assist. He then invites the PCs to help them fight against the monsters attacking the Deep City from the Pit.

After dinner, and finally fully rested, the PCs head down to the Upper Caverns of the city to search for their missing constructs and friends.



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