Rifts of the Taies

Before the Story.

History of the Taies

The War of Pain (aka The War of Lorinis)

1,570 years ago marks the official end to what is known as the War of Pain and the founding of the Cantabrien Empire. While it has been long enough that the War is little more than a legend to most, the influence that the War had on the world is massive.

Before the War, an Elder Dragon known as the Essence of Essences or more formally known as Nisus who ruled the country of Lorinis decided that seeing the future wasn’t enough and instead turned towards trying to change the world. To achieve his goals he created and opened a doorway to another world. This doorway was named the Gate of Auire and through it poured what is now known as The Torment, and such creatures as Goblins, Ogres, Trolls, etc…

Nisus used these powers to change the people of his country and the people he encountered into what the world eventually would call the Tormented. In order to make the changes he believed were necessary Nisus began the War of Lorinis, later known as the War of Pain. For hundreds of years his armies marched until there were no civilizations left on the Continents of Amdrekan and Bastof.

When the battles poured onto the Continent of Malsera, Nisus encountered the first real resistance in an alliance of all remaining free peoples, with the God of the Dead, Nirod riding with them and the Dragoons and their allied Dragons and Nisus’ own kin fighting against him the war ground to a stalemate.

The Wardens of Malsera, ancient druids, allied with the God of the Dead, now calling himself the God of Kings and they opened a doorway of their own to another world with energies that were in direct conflict with those from the Gate of Auire. The Wardens opened the Gate of Yenic and with the Daevas that poured through from that Gate they were able to push back Nisus’ armies and eventually defeat the Elder Dragon and end the War of Pain.

With its end, a human champion named Mierke Cantabrien was crowned by Nirod the God of Kings as the King of men and he created the Cantabrien Empire to span all three continents.

The Era of Cantabrien

For 1,000 years Mierke Cantabrien ruled his Empire as an immortal. During that period Imperial colonies were established on Malsera, Bastof, and Amdrekan and the Empire flourished.

However other peoples and other kingdoms were discovered that refused to ally with the Empire. While Cantabrien despised violence among free men he also held a conviction that unless the entire world were united together then the evils of the Torment or of men like Nisus could still destroy the world.

With their attempts to bring other free countries into the fold of the Empire, the Elves decided that they would not participate and chose to leave the Empire and remain outside of it.

Also during the War of Pain, Nisus in an attempt to prevent his enemies from having strength found a way to seal away and block most of the magical energy of the world. The Prophets Arestines and Arogoth however spoke of a return of Magical power and Energy to the world and eventually were able to give a date for the return, which was suppose to be the year 1,000 of the Cantabrien Era.

Mierke Cantabrien felt that this was his deadline to unite the world and start a campaign to bring not only other humans into the fold of the Empire, but all other races as well.

The Age of the Prophet

The year 1,000 CE came and went and no prophet was to be found. Mierke Cantabrien felt this was the Gods smiling upon him and granting him more time to unite the world. But then in 1,007 CE Tallius Daris appeared and began to fulfill the role of the Prophet.

He unsealed all of the sealed Magical Energies in less than a year. While doing this he also reestablished the magical mountain country of the Stratagos, and saw to the death of Mierke Cantabrien.

However with the rise in power the now many countries that were not a part of the Empire a new power rose from the depths of the world. This intelligent plague became known as The Pit and as it spread across forests, plains, and mountains its corruption spread even deeper.

The Flame of Life and the Crusades

The Prophet Tallius Daris knew that he was the only hope to find a means to destroy The Pit and so he set out to create a power capable of fighting against the formless corruption. This new power, taking the form of a man, was named the Flame of Life and with the Flame’s creation the Prophet disappeared.

The Flame of Life, though he looked like a man, wielded god like powers and single handedly was able to fight against The Pit and win. However The Pit now was far too widespread and the Flame could not keep up and so he called for all willing to join him against The Pit and they marched in a series of three Crusades.

The First Crusade was to cleanse The Pit from Malsera. The Second was fought in Amdrekan, and the Third Crusade was fought on Bastoff and saw not only the defeat of The Pit but also the death of the Flame of Life.

In the years to follow though The Pit reappeared, though substantially smaller and weaker, but the Flame of Life remained dead.

And that is all of the important world history leading up to the story.



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