Rifts of the Taies

The Story So Far - Chapter 19

The Dragoon, Giant Guardians, and the Sword of Pain

The Dragoon

Two days west of Acat, in the early morning light of the third day, Zykir spots a small fire about a half a mile northeast of their campsite. She quickly wakes some of the heavier armored PCs and they collectively decide to send one of the Eye Arbiters to investigate.

The Eye Arbiter returns with a note from a man claiming to be one of the Dragoon Warriors and explains that he will come to pay them a short visit to chat properly so long as they do not freak out.

A few moments later a man mounted on the back of a Copper Dragon lands the Dragon nearby and he dismounts. Wearing shiny metal armor and having a small weapon rack on the side of his dragon, he introduces himself as the Dragoon Warrior Norve Taebin.

Norve Taebin explains that he is a scout for his people and that he saw what the PCs did back in Acat as well as what the goblins of Acat are up to. He tells them of a legend from the Pain Wars of one of the weapons of Nisus being lost here in these hills. Norve believes that the Giants have found the weapon and that is what they’ve built their stronghold here to defend.

Norve Taebin explains that he believes that the creature the goblins are creating with the egg in Acat is being designed to come here and claim this artifact from the Giants, and that he can’t let that happen.

After a short discussion, Norve Taebin agrees to join the PCs for their journey to the Giants and investigation into what the Giants are doing there.

Giant Guardians

Upon reaching the valley that the members of Camp Draedus described as the tribute valley, the PCs dismount early and cautiously approach the top of the hills surrounding the valley. With carefully observation they are able to see two Stone Giants guarding a small path that leads up into the mountains. The Stone Giants are well camouflaged so that it is hard for any of the PCs to see them at all.

The PCs spread out into an ambush and then send Zykir, Mace, and Evayne down into the valley to make contact with the Giants. The Giants disregard the PCs and refuse to answer their questions or listen to their claims and Zykir, Mace, and Evayne are forced to return to the rest of them.

The PCs decide to camp for the night and think about how to scout out and infiltrate the Giants’ stronghold since the two Stone Giant guardians won’t let them in. They really want to try to avoid a fight as the Giants could potentially be allies against the Goblins.

They decide to do to fly overs with Norve Taebin and the Eye Arbiters, and then to look for other means to enter the mountains.

In the morning when the Eye Arbiters return the PCs also notice that there are different Stone Giants guarding the trail, three of them this time. They decide that they might as well just attempt their old tactic and see if these new guards were told about what happened yesterday.

Zykir, Mace, and Evayne approach the Giants and try to bargain their way in again. This time they are able to convince one of the guards that there is a real goblin threat coming this way and the Giant agrees to escort them into the mountains and have them meet with one of the elders.

The Cratha’haina

Miles into the mountains the PCs finally are brought into a mountain settlement where they are introduced to one of the Elders of the Giants. He refers to the collection of Giants that live here as Cratha’haina.

The PCs see that there are many different types of Giants here in the mountains, not just Stone Giants, but Hill Giants, and even some Fire Giants. The Elder explains that the Cratha’haina came here upon discovery that they were immortal here.

He thanks the PCs for the warning that they brought but explains that it is charge of his people to protect this site until such a time as they are utterly defeated if that time ever came. The Elder again explains that so long as they defend this site they cannot die, and as a result he does not fear the goblin assault.

The PCs ask what it is that they are guarding and the Elder leads them through a tight canyon pass that leads to a much larger canyon on the other side of the ridge. There the PCs will see a sword surrounding in shimmering bubble floating over the chasm.

The Elder explains that the sword they are seeing is the Ir’ekther’il – The Night’s Edge, and one of the weapons forged in Lorinis for the War of Pain. The Elder says that just getting the sword to this point when the found it cost the lives of ten of his kinsmen, but that once they had it here, they devoted all of their powers to sealing it away and protecting it.

Ironheart will see a carved structure in the cliff wall just to the east of where they are that appears to be an old Earthborne fortress. The Elder will explain that they brought the sword here, because the old Earthborne fortress is what grants them immortality. By bringing the sword here they had a realistic opportunity to defend it forever.

The PCs gather together with Norve Taebin away from the Cratha’haina and their elder, and discuss what they have learned. The consensus that they reach is that the Giants have this well underhand and that the PCs could offer little to no additional assistance. They talk about waiting here for the goblins to assault, though none of them have any idea how long that would take.

Norve Taebin explains that though he is suppose to recover the sword to take it somewhere safer he has no capability to handle the magical protections that surround it. He says that he will have to take this information to his superior and find out how they want to handle this issue.

The PCs decide to let the Giants handle it, and to take the information to Tenzikil and let him figure out what should be done with it.



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